Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Dear Jack, Summer 2014

Dear Jack, 

This summer you are 1 and 1/2 years old.  

The day you were born was one of the best days of my life. When the doctor pulled you out of my belly, you immediately started to scream and cry. When I heard you, I started to cry because I was so happy to hear your voice. I was so excited to meet you. A few minutes later, your daddy brought you to me and you quieted down as we started talking to you. You looked at both of us with your big newborn eyes and as you listened to our voices, you knew that we were your family.

Now you are much, much bigger than the small baby that we brought home from the hospital. At your last visit to Dr. Nielsen, you were in the 99th percentile for your height! This means you are taller than almost all the kids in the world who are also eighteen months old. You are not only much bigger and taller now, but you have also grown into an amazing little human with your own quirks and interests and personality.
Here are a few of the things you love: monster trucks, scrambled eggs, Curious George, going for walks, pushing things that have wheels, and your binkies. There are also many interesting games that you love to play. Your dad taught you a silly game that starts when you look away from somebody, then you slowly turn your head back around until you suddenly make eye contact, and that’s when you burst out laughing. When daddy gets you out of the bathtub and wraps you in a towel, you love to play “Where’s mommy?” This game involves  looking over and around daddy’s shoulder and when mommy pops up you squeal and giggle. 
From the time you were four months old and could stand up on your wobbly little legs, you also wanted to walk. Mama and Nana and Daddy had to bend over and hold your hands so you could walk and walk and walk.  Sometimes our backs hurt from helping you walk so much. You started to walk by yourself when you were ten months old and your first pair of shoes are so worn out right now that the treads on the bottoms are almost gone and the thick fabric around your toes has become thin.  

One of the greatest things about your personality is how you love to laugh and how much you love to play games that make other people laugh with you. One of your favorite laughing games is to crawl very fast away from mom or dad when you are on the bed and we are trying to change your clothes or diaper. Another version of this game is called “The Escaped Prisoner”, which involves mom putting you on one end of the bed and you crawling over stacks of blankets and pillows to escape to the other end of the bed.  Ever since you were quite small, you have had a crazy laughing period right before it’s time to sleep. We can lightly tickle your chin or neck and you will giggle in big spurts with your eyes closed.  

You are interested in trying new things and like to explore new places and new toys. You like to play on your iPad. You push every single button as you explore each page, each app, and each advertisement. You like to find new ways to play with things, like pushing cars off of the furniture, and stacking blocks on top of random toys. You love playing with your cousins and being outside. You like daddy to hold you in one arm while he shoots baskets with his other hand. Whenever we go to the park you approach people and try to make friends.

When mom and dad first met we had both had our fragile hearts smashed to pieces by the end of our first marriages. Starting a brand new family felt like the most frightening thing in the world. We had to dig deep to find the courage to build a life together and we had to grow a lot of love and trust before we found enough courage to bring you into our family.  But, Jack, your laughter, your curiosity, your determination, your love, and even your tears have healed and strengthened us. As you are falling to sleep, you sometimes rub your hand up and down my whole arm. This little bit of quiet love transports me to a limitless ocean of peaceful joy. We are so lucky and so grateful that you are part of our family. I love your guts.



Jack and his uncle playing, "Split the Pickle."


Imposter Dad said...

Jack's "imposter dad" (his uncle) is amazed at how many different, creative ways Jack came up with to "split the pickle". Slow motion single finger, foot, body, etc. So funny!

Kathryn Thompson said...

I love this post so much. Throat lump.

Jason Alderson said...

Absolutely wonderful, I have two daughters myself and when I first heard them cry I knew my life would never be the same and that I would love them infinitely. Thank you for the great read. Hope to see you on my Living Inspired Now blog sometime.

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