Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Loving Jack

Tomorrow is the last day of the most wonderful and perfect honeymoon I could have ever dreamed. Well, the first two weeks off work were rather miserable, because I was sooooooo pregnant. But ever since December 10th, 2012, when baby Jack Henry was born, it has been a blissful dream. Mike had to go back to work at the beginning of January, but his work is often in his home office, so we have both been able to spend a lot of time soaking in sweet baby love and also enjoying being together and being newly married. I love my little family. I love our little home.
It looks like my job next year is going to be job sharing with my former colleague and dear friend Mrs. Duersch. We will share a single fifth grade classroom. This is the exact job I have been hoping would work out. The next three months are going to be hard because I will miss Jack Henry so much. But my second graders are still adorable and it will be my final few months at Washington.