Sunday, December 04, 2011

Merry December

The whole entire month of December is a Blue Panda holiday called Eat, Play, Love. Here is what pandites do in December:

Honor the religious and cultural traditions that you like best and that you want to keep in circulation. We put up a Christmas tree today and we are definitely participating in some family gatherings and gift exchanges.

If you enjoy eating and sharing yummy food, then cook and bake. Share some cookies if you feel like it. Eat every last cookie yourself if you prefer.

Invent some new holiday traditions. Have cold cereal for breakfast Christmas morning if you don't want the extra stress of cooking. Go all Martha Stewart for Christmas morning breakfast if you want an excuse to try fancypants entertaining. Eat, Play, Love is always about creating a season of joy and you know yourself best so you must decide what to celebrate and how.

Some ideas of mine: I want to read the same book as family I'll be seeing so we can share responses. Get a professional massage. Write Blue Panda a letter. Find a Zumba Party on Christmas Eve. Watch a favorite funny movie, like Elf. Have a poker night. Have at least 3 full days with nothing planned except be with Mikey. Bake cookies.

What are your favorite old traditions and what are some ideas you have to make your December perfect for you?


alphasteve said...

I want to listen to Harry Connick Jr. Slow dance in front of the Christmas tree with Izzy. Eat food that family members went all Martha Stewart on. Watch Mixed Nuts and Elf with Amy and Lisa. Scream Christmas Songs from the basement until Mom and Dad get up with Kevin. Beat Amy in Poker. Play a multi-player shoot-em-up game against Amy and destroy her. Sprint through a snow storm at night with Denali in tow. Surprise Amanda with a wonderful Anniversary. See if Anna will fit in my Stocking.

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