Friday, December 02, 2011

A Blue December

This December I will post a lot about the blue panda (god) and love and joy. When I was 14, despite my doubts, I wanted to be a seminary teacher, or a prophet.   I get to be so many of the things that I always wanted to be when I am at school. For example, every work day I am an artist and a scientist and a clown. But this is a better place for me to channel the divine spirit of the universe and be a prophet.

Question: Is the blue panda real?
Answer: Of course not. I made this whole theology up as a way to explain to my best mate what it is that I believe.  But if you feel like imagining a gentle, enormous panda that knows and loves all the humans with perfect love, and that embodies the EVERYTHING that is our universe, including her countless mysteries, then YES!! the panda god exists---in your imagination, too!

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