Thursday, August 25, 2011

Little Dragons

I'm loving second grade. The kids are so eager and loving.

I feel overloaded with new questions and new information. My brain can't STOP processing all of the data. Several things I planned are working like magic, but there are some other things I've got to change. I feel such an urgent desire to set things up well, so that we can have a peaceful and productive nine months together.

Ten specific thoughts after 3 days of teaching second grade:

1. Eating lunch with the kids is a wonderful way to spend 15 minutes a day. I'm getting more little individual bonding moments in the cafeteria than anywhere else so far.

2. The Shrinky Dink self-portrait magnets for our Daily Graph turned out darling. Now I gotta think of 175 more questions to ask for the year. Our first question was, "Which do you like more, cats or dogs?" Suggestions?

3. The book they enjoyed the most so far was an Elephant and Piggie book called "Should I Share My Icecream?"

4. I can't ever go younger than 2nd. They are far more independent than the first graders that we share the hall with, and I'm certain I'm at my lower age limit here.

5. Getting them to write independently has been a struggle. Most of them have a lot to say but they want to spell everything right. I haven't put up a word wall yet. Maybe that will help. I'm not sure how to get them to spell words the best that they can and just keep writing.

6. We've done skip counting by 2's around a circle everyday and I'm surprised how hard it's been for several of them.

7. I'm puzzling over what to use for a paper and pencil math fact memorization tool, and also what to do for math homework.

8. The CAFE and Daily 5 routines and strategy wall is part of what is working super well.

9. There are these K-2 teachers from Georgia and Texas, who were probably beauty queens in college, who make and sell adorable teaching resources on the Teachers Pay Teachers website. I love having cute pictures and stuff in my room, but I'm horrible at making such things. Paying some teacher across the country 3 bucks for an adorable classroom job chart makes me ever so grateful for the miracle of the interwebs.

10. A free download on that Teachers Pay Teachers site was a chart with 16 ways to say goodbye. As we say goodbye each day we do a "hug, high-five or handshake" and say one of these fun animal goodbyes. My favorite ones: Blow a kiss, jellyfish; Out the door, dinosaur; Give a hug, ladybug; and Toodle-loo, kangaroo.


AHYMAS said...

Very nice Amy! I am glad that everything is going well. 2nd graders are certainly a fun bunch and eager to learn!

Lisa said...

re math: I wish my second grade teacher had broke me of the counting on fingers habit. I still do it!

graph: pizza or macaroni. snakes or mice. green or purple. pie or cake. running or skipping. Dora or Thomas the Train. Nickelodeon or Disney Channel. Mylie Syrus or Hannah Montana. Hamburger or cheeseburger. carrots or broccoli. music or dance. reading or read to. homework or television (fake cry at results). strong laws or long straws. stripes or poka dots. computer or cell phone. grandma or grandpa. swimming or sleeping. sad or mad. soda or chocolate milk. hunger or pain. onions or tomatoes. fancy or plain. birthday or Christmas.

maybe after they get good and making a choice do a line graph so they can choose on a spectrum.

so glad you are liking it! sounds like so much fun!

Eleanor Stewart ^_^ said...

Hello Amy! Just searching through blogs and found yours and was captured by it. Sounds like you have fun at the nursery! I've always wondered what it's like to work with children full time :)

I would be happy if you could read my blog; my last 2 are quite deep and i think my readers would be interested.

Zac-ShaunaFamily said...

Wish my 2nd grader had you as a teacher. Sounds like you are doing great things.