Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fun News

Most of the time when I happen upon a high ledge I peer over the edge, feel my tummy drop, and take a solid step back. But sometimes I fold out my wings, vigorously shake up their magic sparkles, and then I JUMP.

I requested and have been graciously given the chance to teach second grade next year. I'm very excited and also nervous.

There are many variables that led to this big jump, including the fact that I have enough storage space in our new house for all of my upper grade teaching materials. Heck, there's enough space in our garage!

My head is overflowing with second-grade questions. What books will they love? How do you fuel their desire to read? Will they get my Chuck Norris jokes? What will I do if they try to wipe their noses on me? Will teaching math still be as much fun? How am I going to stay within a reasonable budget of personal money spent on my new classroom? Is it possible to teach them to be self-directed? Which of my well-developed teaching skills will transfer well, and which ones will I need to recalibrate for much smaller children?

Anyway, that's my news. Feel free to recommend good books for 7 and 8 year olds.


Steve Finnell said...
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101 Writing Books said...

You'll do great with the young ones. I'm basing this on your amazing aunt skills with Lydia & the fact that you taught her to read. Anyway, I HAVE A BLOG NOW:

I started it to enter a tension creating writing contest. Maybe you can enter too!