Sunday, February 07, 2010

pink and red and shades of green

I hate February. It's a month that is very gray and drab. But so far this has been a good month. School often starts to feel like it's really draggggggging around now, but this year I have an energetic student teacher in charge most the day. Most of my students seem to be making decent progress. They might be itching for spring, and, trust me, so am I, but it isn't affecting any of us so much that we can't enjoy learning each day. I'm looking forward to the three months I'll have back with my class starting in mid-March.

Other reasons this particular February feels us overflowing with lovely colors: Zumba dance classes are now offered at the Bountiful Rec Center. Almost every day! There have been a few days of warm-ish weather and bright sun. My siblings all bought me some way cool hiking boots that I've been breaking in. My best mate slash best friend is very good to me and very funny. Two of my daughters enjoy hanging out with me. And I'm making reasonable progress on my lifetime dream of becoming a real writer.

And this:

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Jenny said...

I had a first grader last year who sang that song everyday. I didn't know the song before that but learned to love it thanks to him!