Friday, January 01, 2010

Shaping My Year

I've never been much of a goal setter, Mormon Taoist that I still am. But last January I set my sights on some reasonable goals and accomplished most of them. It felt pretty darn good to look up the metaphorical mountains and say I am going to climb those. And then proceed to climb them. And so...I'm gonna give goal setting another go.

2010 goals:
*Run that Centerville 4th of July 5K again and beat last year's time.
*Summit 12 mountains, but be safe and sane about it.
*Write two books. My brother getting published has lit a scorching fire under my butt on this lifelong dream.
*Get to where I can do 25 real push-ups
*Get Stabbetha, my World of Warcraft character, to level 80 and beyond!
*raft a river or two
*Read 100 books
*Keep peace, hope, love, and trust in my own heart and life
*Memorize 3 poems
*Write 5 poems
*Try out some new recipes and keep enjoying all the old ones

On a different, but related note--it's somewhat terrifying but also quite wonderful to recognize how far a stable and supportive relationship can go in healing deep wounds and in helping me shape a gentle, happy reality.

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