Friday, May 15, 2009

Things that make me say, "hmmmmmmm"

Well. Perhaps the end of this very sad and very painful road is near. Perhaps...

I am trying hard to detach from the outcome and stay clear about my commitments. I will always stay involved in my daughters' lives. I want them to be welcome and free to visit me often. I actually think it's best for them to be living with me in my home, but either way is okay. Deep breath.

Dear Universe, I love the trees in my backyard and I love the sense of humor of my two youngest children and I love the care and constant sustenance I get from many good friends.

My students did really well on their year-end tests this week and during a normal school year this would mean I'd be dancing around like a mad woman celebrating. But it is not a normal year. And my very own three children are feeling all kinds of sorrow and fear. Yes, the end to this huge mess seems very near, but it will still be a while before I can sleep peacefully.

I do predict, however, that by mid-summer I will be blogging about books and teaching and writing again.

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