Saturday, May 02, 2009


Kitten love. What a great way to chill on the weekends when I'm home alone. This baby is feisty and I'm trying to teach him not to scratch.

Is is, I know, a pretty extreme and awful divorce situation, particularly given all the horrendous things that have been said to my three girls. Imagine them standing alone in a hailstorm of guilt and shame. But there is this amazing truth at the bottom of all my peaceful joy: god's love is an absolute constant and as long as our response to all of our pain and suffering is to stay near god, we aren't ever alone, we can't be defeated. In our weakness we are made strong. What I love most about how this has ended up working for me is that I'm made strong through the love and laughter of many excellent friends. I'm given peace through a blind trust in the power of love to heal broken hearts and to bridge huge canyons of difference.

Yeh, one day at a time, of course. How else would we want our days delivered? One delicious, simple, wonderful day at a time is perfect.

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