Friday, April 24, 2009

I *am* the Momma

In case this ends up in official court records I just want to be clear, I am doing everything possible to prevent my youngest daughter from ever being incarcerated. I love her to pieces, do my best every single day to teach her to make thoughtful choices, and I give her lots of very powerful little lectures about her future. But, if you've ever met my youngest child you also understand why it's good that I've already dealt with the possibility that she might not follow all of her momma's excellent advice.

Here's the thing, my one source of comfort in the midst of some awful storms: Despite the strong and prolonged efforts by ex and his family to convince my daughters that I am basically "a stranger", that I'm basically nothing important or real in their lives---despite all this and despite their predictably torn responses to it, I still know one thing. Regardless of how all this immediate stuff gets sorted out, deep deep down in my heart I KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that the first time my baby is in jail, it is *ME* she's gonna call first. "Mom---I can't call uncle," she'll say through her choking sobs. And I'll respond, "I know baby, I know. I'm on my way."

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Lisa said...

why do you think she'll end up in jail? better make sure she knows she can call you if she's too drunk to drive no matter what age because that'd be my guess. better to get the call then rather than after an accident.