Saturday, April 04, 2009

Finding the Funny

Gotta dig deeper to find the funny in all the emotions and drama these days, but it's what keeps my head above water.

Easter used remarkably accurate spelling in the rant she wrote about me. "WITCH" was spelled correctly every time.

Clara used a line that sounded like an echo of me in texting her friend regarding how she'd respond if that boy used our house key to sneak in at night: "i haz weapons"

That boy was scared enough of me when I answered Clara's phone to return said house key to my hand within 5 minutes of speaking with him. And he was also scared enough to refuse to show me his driver's license.

Easter instant messaged Lisa and said, "you cannot put this on twitr," about their secret escapade hanging out at West High. (which was how they got caught)

None of them have said these words out loud yet, but I've got my spirit and emotions steeled and ready for "YOU'RE NOT MY MOM!!!!!" Shrug. Okay. Now get your homework and chores done my darlins.

Clara got a very fitting introduction to my crazy friend Rebecca in the office at Washington. They had a heated exchange of words that involved Rebecca mocking a little and Clara raging a little.

I made "Quotes of the Week" for the first time evah, and, okay fine, the pleasure of this was extra sweet cuz my sister didn't make it this week:

When provoked, I'm strong enough to smash my bathroom door all the way through the door frame. And to also make the plastic light cover fall off the ceiling. And both of these things are quite easily fixed.

The girls were the first to joke about how many body guards I need to take when I taxi them to Sudanese Church choir practice.

Don't worry too much. We're still all doing fine. What doesn't kill us just makes us stronger. Just keep all those prayers a-comin.

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Gina said...

How did I not know you had a blog? (I'm behind in my social netwerkin skillz.)

I love this post. So honest and refreshing. I like that you are not 'wah me!' but instead are dealing, living, looking forward.

Anyway, glad you are 'finding the funny' while you are having a rough time--you sure are ponying up the funny too (hence the quotes). :)