Sunday, March 29, 2009

On Our Own

Since January 1, 2009, I've had my 3 adopted daughters mostly on my own. Yes, we were living with my parents for several weeks, but my mom and dad were supportive grandparents and let me still be the parent. Because of courts and custody and all that jazz this situation could change, but I predict I'm going to continue to have a life I never imagined myself having at 33, I'm a single mom to 3 adolescent daughters.

The emotional climate of our home is much better than it was a few months ago, but I do find myself flailing about, grasping for answers to basic questions, like what are our Dating Rules?? How do I respond to disrespectful arguing?? What are reasonable limits on cell phones?? on computer time?? on tv and video games?? What afternoon and evening routines and habits are essential??

As I sort through all this new found parenting territory I want two things to guide my choices: love and faith.

A new gratitude: all those painful years of piano lessons. (thanks mom!!) I was playing hymns yesterday at my friend's house and I so LOVE mormon hymns.....there's nothing quite so relaxing and soul nourishing for me than playing them on a piano. I've been searching and Craig's List for a used piano all morning.


Lisa said...

maybe a keyboard would work too.

Jenny said...

Good luck with all of that. My husband and I frequently remark on the immense respect we have for single parents.

The piano has been a lifesaver for me too at times. It's where I go when I need a release. I hope you find one.