Monday, March 09, 2009

In Like a Lion

Big, cold blizzard here in SLC today. ROAR. Roarrrr.

Today's Gratitudes:
March snow doesn't stick to the roads.
I got in and out of the DMV to replace my stolen driver's license in less than 10 minutes today.
Easter has this gorgeous light of responsible big-sisterly love that comes out bright around Lydia, who is in town for two weeks.
Car is working fine.
Heater in house is working fine.
My phone and ipod were in the pocket of my hoodie and not in my purse
My homegirlz
Healthy children and healthy self.
Peaceful home.
Credit card companies pay for fraudulent (stolen card) charges.
Nobody asked me why I was so thoughtless and turned my back on my purse while bagging my groceries.
Good class of sixth graders.
Get to gradually start teaching my sixth graders again as student teacher is winding down his stint.
Great equipment at the South Davis Rec Center
Zumba dance class.
Big TBR pile of books waiting for me to start up that old reading habit again.
Lydia remembered me and ran and hugged me on sight Sunday.
Excellent student teacher.
Harriet tells me about all her boyfriends.
Spring Break is in less than a month.
And I still have some amazingly sweet gifts sent straight from above: faith, hope, patience, and peace.

O thing that consoles, how clumsily I thank you.

It has been a rather stressful couple of days, but when I'm quiet enough, I hear god laughing and that wise laughter makes a blissfully calm soundtrack for my life...

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Lisa said...

what is this dance class?