Monday, January 26, 2009

Lagoon, by Easter Simbe

We were at my Nana's house. We were watching a movie. My aunts were watching the movie too. Then they saw a newspaper that had Lagoon on it. They thought it might be fun to go there, but my mom said, "No, I do not like that place." Then she said, "I don't care if you want to go but I'm not going. Lisa can take you guys." Lisa is my aunty.

The next day came by. It was the day I saw scary rides and good food. I had goose bumps! We went on the roller coaster. We only had time for that one ride. After, we went home. No, just playing. We went on many rides but I don't want to list them. No, Okay I changed my mind. I went on the roller coaster, the Pheonix, the swings, and the animal ride. It was so fun. I loved Lagoon. The End. Written By: Easter Simbe


david said...

I remember going to Lagoon when I was about your age. Lots of fun! Thanks for reminding me of the good memories :)

Lisa said...

well in reality the free lagoon tickets from Stephen were the original reason why the day of magic started. I had sooo much fun. it was pretty much the best day of our visit. maybe you can do another post about how you "had to go poop".