Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 BABY

I have spent a lot of the last year living by the first half of the serenity prayer. I not only accepted but actually learned to love a lot of things I knew I could never change. This ability to accept things was a good place to spend some time. Detaching is a way to gather strength and get perspective. I learned to laugh at myself and eventually learned to see the bigger picture of my dysfunctional situation. In the last few months I've switched to the second half of the serenity prayer, the courage to change the things I can. And I've learned a lot about how much courage it takes do that.

Given that it's the turn of the new year, I am determined and resolute. I'm also terrified and nervous and more humble than I've been for years. I feel like I'm walking blind, but holding onto an intricately carved wooden railing. Often I get startled and realize I'm walking in complete darkness, but then I hold onto that railing and regain my footing and confidence.

Here are some things I think would be a lot of fun to aim for in 2009: run the Centerville 5 K on the 4th of July, summit Timpanogus, hike Lisa Falls, find a city rec softball or basketball league, write five polished poems, fill 2 writer's notebooks, read 50 books, make sure Clara gets her driver's lisence before June, take the girls to 4 live theater or dance type of events, listen to Easter read more, have regular family prayers and family fun times, find a way to learn more Spanish and relearn Ilongo, start a women's poker group, gather more excellent poems for me and for my students, and keep on "getting along" with everyone at work.

Welcome to Earth, 2009

Monday, December 29, 2008

Endings and Beginnings

Deep, deep breath. Inhale. Exhale.

Dear Blog Readers,

Sorry for the very long interlude. I promise that I will be posting more regularly. I've had some big upheavels in my personal life. When major fault lines get shaken it's scary and not so easy to sit still and write, (or sit still and read for that matter). But I am back. The changes are all good. And I'll likely talk more about them later.

I've always reserved this space for an eclectic mix of book reviews, teaching reflections, and even some personal stuff.

Tonight I had a "dance party" with my three daughters. We used to do this often, the first year they were here, but haven't for a long time. We hooked Harriet's ipod up to the sound system and jammed to Soulja Boy, DJ Unk, Missy Elliot, and T-Pain. Clara showed me how to krump, E rolled around on the floor making a big fool of herself, and Harriet used her new video toy to record the whole thing. I so love my daughters. I deeply adore their amazingly strong, gorgeous spirits. And I am so blessed to have them as my daughters.