Wednesday, September 03, 2008

full throttle

When will I feel completely caught up and able to relax deeply and not start "to do" lists every time I sit down long enough to think? Oh yeah, that will be next June.

But, despite the stress and fatigue, things are good. I have 29 students, but none of them need to be given a Private Office to do their work, and as long as the count stays under 30, I'm feeling okay.

The new literacy coach was so impressed by our DIBELS scores that she's anxious to come and see how I do reading workshop. I really like our old coach, so this makes me a bit nervous.

I'm moving back and forth between the Lucy Calkins Units of Study narrative books and the mini lessons from Nancie Atwell's Lessons that Change Writers. So far--this weaving is working well.

I have shared a poem everyday and this is a goal that I think I'm gonna be able to meet (one-a-day everyday all year) because my students are so INTO the poems. Their enthusiastic responses are fueling my motivation. The best part of the model (from Nancie Atwell) is having the kids "rate" the poems after we're done with them each day. When I forgot this final step today, they were quick to remind me.

I'll try hard to share more detailed and specific stories later. For now---yes---things are going well.

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Mrs. V said...

It was fun to hear how your start of the year is going. I am definately in the same full throttle mode where my mind will be churning all year (and probably throughout the summer to make improvements for next year)! I am glad that the poems are working out so well.