Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Summer Ends

Were my summer goals met? Well, I gathered a nice big bunch of poems and read the teacher guide book to the Nancie Atwell Naming The World poetry resource book. And I am super psyched to start *doing* poetry with my students each day. I am a bit scared of the performance part of the routine, but I'm convinced it's critical and I'm sure excited to try it out.

I completed a unit plan for Ancient Egypt and I gathered and ordered all the resources I'm going to need for a unit on microorganisms.

I only found a few excellent short stories but I might use some of the stories in the basal we've been given and part of my Donors Choose proposal for literature groups has been funded, so I'm optimistic about having enough resources to run strong small groups.

My other big accomplishments this summer? I took my 3 girls to Yellowstone for their first time. I won The Legend of Zelda on the Wii. I visited my sister in Fresno for a week. I started reading more adult books than I have for the last few years. And I watched every episode of all 5 seasons of The Wire. I learned to enjoy my summer vacation so throughly that I'm actually having a hard time getting my passion for teaching up to its normal levels of intensity. Please don't get me wrong. I still love teaching and I'm excited to be going back to work soon. But I've also learned how to really enjoy my time off. What I'm hoping is that my ability to RELAX well will mean that I'll be able to stay in this wonderful profession for many years to come.

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