Thursday, July 03, 2008

Summer Fun

Our last day of summer school was today. Maybe next year I'm going to look for something else, besides teaching, to do during the weekdays all summer. I go a bit batty just staying home, but I was so ready to not be teaching after two weeks of summer school. Which means that for half of summer school, those students of mine didn't have a very enthusiastic, happy teacher. It's also hard to bond with kids you're only with for sixteen days. Oh well.

I'm not going back to my classroom until August 12th. I've already finished gathering 120 poems. More than half are from the Nancie Atwell book Naming the World. The rest I scavenged up from books, anthologies, and Poetry Friday blog posts. I am so much fussier about the poems I share with students than I am about books. If a poem is at all obtuse or coy or flaunts its diction, I won't teach it. I am so determined not to squelch the playful, joyful deliciousness of good poetry, that I won't risk teaching poems that I don't love. The format that Nancie uses in Naming the World to teach the poems is also quite powerful. I feel excited and ready to teach poetry next year.

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