Tuesday, July 08, 2008

My New Hero

Kate Braestrup is a UU minister for the search and rescue troopers and game wardens in Maine. I heard her interviewed by Krista Tippets last week on Speaking of Faith and now I simply can't get enough of her amazing theology. She articulates a way of being a faith filled person that is entirely centered on love between humans. I'm excited to read her book, Here If You Need Me.

Sharing with you this particular video of Kate talking about her husband Drew, the stern state trooper and gay rights advocate, is my feeble response to the involvement of the LDS church in the California ballot initiative. I still claim a tenuous affiliation with mormonism, and I have been so disappointed and sad since learning of the church's formal involvement in California. I don't believe it's wrong for them to take political stands or get involved in the political process. In fact, I think they have a responsibility to do so. But they are definitely on the wrong side here.

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ScottyDoo said...

What a wonderful video...her husband sounds like he was a wonderful man, and I'm saddened to hear of her loss. I can't imagine losing my spouse.

I will need to track down her book.