Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Making a Family

You don't get much closer than this book to the story of my three daughters and the bizarre circumstances that made us a family.

About the book: Abela is a nine-year-old girl in Tanzania who loses her dad, her mum, and finally her baby sister to the sickness that shall not be named, which continues to ravage the continent. There are scenes of Abela at her mum's side, during mum's death, and they are sad, sad, sad. But despite the horrible tragedy of her family, Abela wants to live and grow. She, in fact, chooses to live.

Meanwhile, Rosa, a thirteen year-old English girl, cannot understand why her mom is considering adopting another kid. Isn't she enough? Haven't she and her mom always been splendidly close?

These two stories don't come together until the end of the book, but come together they do. I wish I'd known, before reading the book, that the beginning of this new family wouldn't occur until the end of the book. It was inevitable that they would come together and I was very anxious to see how things would work out.

I've been reimagining this blog as of late. Goodreads has come to serve the main purposes for which I originally intended this blog space. I catalog, review, and record every book I read over there. I'm not really sure yet how this blog will evolve. Maybe it will become a focused place for both teacherly and motherly reflections?? We shall see. We shall see.


Liz in Ink said...

This was such a perfect day for me to read your blog. My sister and her family live in Tanzania, and we've been, with our kids, and it's dear to our hearts...

teach people not books said...

this sounds like a great novel! i'm very interested in bringing books into the classroom that expand students' perspectives of what it means to be family.

i think you should absolutely make your blog a space to bring in a portion of the personal--it's far more interesting, for me, to know something about the whole person, not just the educator identity (which is, of course, a major part!)

Blink said...

I agree with "teach people not books" about the personal side of a blog. Loved your beautiful family portrait and your recommendation for this book. Expanding ideas about families while relating to those special family members takes balance. Sounds like this book has it. Thanks!