Sunday, June 08, 2008

48 Hour Wrap and Summer Plans Meme

First. I'm throwing in the towel an hour and a half early. It's 5:20 on Sunday evening, here in Salt Lake City, and I just finished the last book I'm going to read for the 48 Hour Reading Challenge. Here's my summary.

Books finished:
  • Game, by Walter Dean Myers
  • Greetings from Nowhere, by Barbar O'Connor
  • Yellow Star, by Jennifer Roy
  • Teaching for Comprehending and Fluency, by Fountas & Pinnell
  • No Good Deed, by Laura Lippman
  • more Horowitz HORROR, by Anthony Horowitz
  • An Inmate's Daughter, by Jan Walker
  • Smiles to Go, by Jerry Spinelli
  • Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger's, by John Elder Robison
So that's 9 books. About 1,278 pages, when you don't count the pages I'd read in a few of these well before my 48 Hour start time, and I totaled about 10 hours of reading.

The best of these nine books, that I'm very happy to have read this weekend: Yellow Star, Smiles to Go, and Horowitz Horror. The Laura Lippman mystery was also a great, adult indulgence.

Second. Franki and Mary Lee at A Year of Reading have officially started the Summer Goals meme. Ironic, that they noticed my ramblings in the last post and decided to go ahead and get this meme going. I'm on record as being officially against most kinds of goal setting, (eternally lazy manatee taoist that I strive so hard to be). but... well.... The grandest joy of summer, for me, is traipsing around in the wilderness of new ideas and growing a vision for next year's teaching. A little bit of direction in this summer splashing gives me a boost of energy and some useful plans and blueprints come September.

So, this summer I plan to:
  • fill one writer's notebook with seeds from both the Lucy Calkins Units of Writing books and from the Nancie Atwell book for middle schoolers called Lessons That Change Writers
  • gather 120 poems to share with my class next year, from a very wide variety of sources.
  • select 12 powerful short stories to use as texts for guided reading groups
  • organize my classroom library, and try to scrounge up a nice new bookshelf or two
  • sift through the amazing array of resources recently posted by Tricia at Open Wide, Look Inside
  • outline units for: Microbes, Ancient Egypt, Space, and Ancient Greece
  • write two more DonorsChoose project grants
  • plan (not necessarily write) 20 new booktalks
  • browse around leisurely and find out what new resources are available at Read, Write, Think and through our new math textbook publisher
  • Reread Lifetime Guarantees, and Radical Reflections
That's more than enough to keep me satisfied and productive. I'm also flying to Fresno in August for a poolside read-a-thon with my sister and her girlfriend and some other new friends who I only currently know via Twitter. We will all be reading the best book that has ever been written, which I'll be reading for about my eighth time: The Brothers K, by David James Duncan.

I tag Sarah, at The Reading Zone, for this one, (when your school year is finished).

Yes---Summer is so very, very sweet.


Jen Robinson said...

I loved Yellow Star, and I adore Laura Lippman's books. Good luck with your summer goals!

Lenore said...

I'd like to read that Laura Lippman too.

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