Monday, January 21, 2008

The Frog Princess, by E.D. Baker

When she finally agrees to kiss the frog who swears he's a prince, 14-year-old Emerelda ends up as a frog herself. At least now she won't have to deal with that pathetic suitor with whom her mom's been making arrangements. With the help of some creature friends, including the still-a-frog prince she kissed, Em has to figure out how to become human again and how to survive as a frog in the meantime.

There are some solid, if rather predictable themes about friendship and courage, but the reason I really enjoyed reading this book is because the tone was very light-hearted. I hate fantasy books with narrations that sound like bible readings. The narrator, here, is simply an enchanting storyteller. Often funny, sometimes very dramatic, but never pretentious. The tone reminded me of Hunky Dory.

This is the first book in a growing series. The end of the chapter scene when Em kisses her prince and becomes a frog herself would make a great booktalk. Another Books of Wonder rec.


Mary Lee said...

All these princess books! Did you see this poem from Blue Rose Girls for Poetry Friday?

AMY S. said...

nope, i missed it. Thanks for the link. :}

Amal said...

I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this book! I just really want there to be pics cuz im not so good with imagining pics in my mind. Any way more books bout emma and eadric. gosh i wan to marry those books!!!!!!!