Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Crooked Kind Of Perfect

This title made several splashes around kidlit land before I finally got the audio version and enjoyed it while commuting for a week.

A Crooked Kind of Perfect is contemporary realistic fiction with several zany, complicated characters and with many believable problems. With wry humor and tender self-awareness, Zoe tells the story of her family, her clumsy navigations of sixth grade social circles, and her adventures learning to play the Perfectone Organ.

As I imagined scenes from the last few chapters, when Zoe competes in the PERFORMARAMA, I kept remembering this great video, which I stumbled across a few weeks ago.

This book is a great bridge into more YA-ish titles, for our young, but very strong readers. The vocabulary and writing style are fairly high, but the themes and plot and events are still very appropriate for children as young as nine.

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