Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Cover-Up, Mystery at the Super Bowl, by John Feinstein

I mentioned a couple months back that it was going to be nice to be looking for new, fantastic books now that I've gotten to know this particular batch of readers. Zipping through this book was a delightful rush, because every ten sentences I'd stop and think, "So-and-So, (fill in with one of my boy students' names,) will love this book." Even though it's still in hardback I might order two or three copies for my classroom library. Okay, just two.

Steve Thomas was working as an anchor on a tv sports news program for kids, but is fired cuz he lacks "star quality". He ends up attending the country's biggest sporting event anyway, covering the super-bowl for the Washington Times. He uncovers a steroid doping and cover-up story worthy of his reputation as a tough investigative reporter. His partner in this investigation is his former co-host/budding girlfriend, Susan Carol.

In addition to a "whodunit" and "can we prove it??" mystery, this book is also rich with insider details of both the reporting industry and of the NFL. The romance between Susan and Steve is totally PG, although there is some slightly colorful (PG-13) language.

I can't wait to recommend this to some boys who love football, who themselves are budding reporters, and who are just beginning to figure out romance and such.


Anonymous said...

At 1:42 pm on Christmas Day you were blogging about your school kids? Think I was taking a nap.

AMY S. said...

Hi anonymous lurker, a.k.a. mom. Guess what? Those boys loved this book as much as I predicted and now they're reading another book by the same author.