Monday, October 01, 2007

Shared Governance

One thing I really like about the Salt Lake City School District is that we have a contract that includes site-based decision making, with an expectation of shared-governance between the administration and faculty. The process of making decisions and working through problems is predictably messy and rough, but consensus is the ideal we strive for, and I'm very devoted to the process. One dimension of this process, that I've recognized recently is quite vital, is a foundation of shared commitments. And one reason I'm grateful for this particular writing space is that it helps me develop and clarify my own commitments. I'm not sure what to do when those shared commitments are missing. Move to a new building? IDK

We have our first "publishing party" scheduled for October 12th. I'm not sure how to plan a wonderful occasion to honor my young writers---but we still have more than a week to dream and plan.

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