Saturday, October 20, 2007

Animal Adaptations

One of the blogs I like to read in the kidlitosphere is called The Miss Rumphius Effect. The author of this blog is a teacher educator who specializes in both poetry and science. A couple months back I started searching for books to support a unit on adaptations and through her site and some of her August posts, I found the following great books: Claws, Coats, and Camouflage, What Do You Do When Something Wants to Eat You?, Feathers, Fur, and Flippers, and Exploding Ants.

These four books present fascinating facts about a variety of animals. By organizing the information around types of adaptations, they skillfully keep the principles of evolution near the center of the stage. The result of these voice-filled texts, which are also full of many amazing pictures, is powerful enough to ALMOST make me wanna trade one of my math classes for a science class.

We get some bonus dollars added into our supply budgets this year if we go the extra mile on our school efforts to build school-to-home connections. I think three copies of each of these great books would be a great way to spend some of my extra $.


Tricia said...

Hi Amy,
I haven't visited in a while, but after reading your comment this morning, thought I would stop by. I'm sure you've already taught this unit, but I highly recommend to additional books. The first is by David Schwartz and is called Where in the Wild? Camouflaged Creatures Concealed ... and Revealed. Each double page spared opens with a poem on on the left (about an animal in hiding), and a photo on the right where the reader needs to find the animal. This page is a gatefold that opens to reveal the same picture with the animal highlighted, and information on the animal. It's great stuff.
The second book is the most recent Steve Jenkins, called Living Color. Animals are organized by color and how this color helps them adapt in the wild.
Both of these are Cybils nominations in nonfiction picture books.

Tricia said...

OOPS! That should be two! I hate that there is no spell check for these comment boxes!

Happy New Year to you!