Saturday, September 08, 2007

Zach's Lie, by Roland Smith

This book is hard to classify. It's a thriller, a mystery, and a drama all rolled into one. Actually, they're not all rolled together very well. The book starts out with a couple great thriller scenes and lots of action and then slows WAY down for this middle-school-finding-your-identity-and-first-love drama stuff. The switch-up is a little disorienting. The tension from the beginning seeps along, throughout the whole book, but unlike most mystery books there isn't a good ebb and flow--it lacks that series of new discoveries that lead to new questions kinda pulsating rhythm.

I'm not only unsure what I felt about the whole weird ride, but I'm also very unsure what my students will think. In some ways it felt like a cheap trick. Like I was being hooked into a fast paced mystery that suddenly turned into a slow paced drama. The drama stuff isn't badly written, it's just not what you expect after the cliff hanging, violent tension in the fist couple chapters. I want it for my classroom library, though, cuz I'm pretty curious what my students will think of it. But I can wait for the paperback edition.

In other news: Robert, my DH, will be home Thursday. He was attending a wedding in Canada and then spent a week with his mom and dad in Fargo, ND. In the last day, or so, I've started missing him a lot.

I really do have a wonderful class. I'm not just saying that because I'm their teacher and of course I think they're wonderful. And the schedule we worked out, where I get to teach math 2 hours a day, to the sixth graders for an hour, and then to the fifth graders for an hour, and then teach reading and writing for the remaining 3 hours, is sooooooo perfect. For me, anyway. I'm working my ideal, dream job. I wouldn't change anything.I even like having a blended class. I think the positives outweigh the challenges.

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