Sunday, September 02, 2007

Today's Gratitude List

Part of my new found meanderings in being an Epicurist is a ritualized (but very unforced) daily practice of naming the small things that fill me with gratitude. Here's today's list:

1. Real fall weather is on the tip of the Salt Lake valley's tongue. In a few days we will leave behind 90+ degree weather for three whole seasons.
2. Tiny threads of connection continue to form between me and my oldest daughter Clara.
3. I have lots and lots of wonderful students, with whom I am so looking forward to working for the next nine months.
4. The SLC downtown library, which is like a sprawling kingdom of books and people, continues to be a weekly destination my girls all enjoy.
5. Robert, my husband, has arrived safely in Tornoto, where he's attending his cousin's wedding.
6. My abdomen is 100 percent pain free.
7. I got over some bizarre hurdle and will now be able finish The Golden Compass in a few days.


David said...

i wish my grade school teachers had customized their book choices for me when I a wee one

Stephen said...

Gratitude lists are neat.