Wednesday, August 08, 2007


It's like quicksand, or a powerful whirlpool---the tug back into the fray of it all. I've been so happy, floating along all summer, thinking about many topics related to school, but in a very leisurely way. Suddenly, yesterday, I got swept up in a huge, urgent current fraught with scheduling, negotiating and politicking. How can I keep a quiet and unforced place for reflection while in the midst of all the day-to-day commotions? And also give my family the time and energy they need and deserve? These are the questions, for me, that stay open, unresolved, from September through May.

Yes, there's the circus-like feeling of turning the bend in my summer road that leads straight to the first day of school, but there's also something quite yummy at this juncture. Thinking forward to the sparkly excitement of students reading, writing, and puzzling out math questions is a heady, bubbly, delicious feeling.

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Bohae said...

I am a student: reading + writing = greatness. As said in the "about me" part of my profile: *Chocolate + Imagination + Books = Perfection. The simple, but lovable Truth.*