Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The "Trust" lecture put into immediate practice...

I gave my students this lecture I'd been composing in my mind for a couple weeks today. A short speech about trust. How my hope is that they'll keep my trust all year. That I'll be able to walk away from the room and always feel confident that they're reading or writing or doing whatever they're supposed to be doing. And not one hour later I was experiencing INTENSE abdominal pain and finding a ride to the hospital, while my student teacher made the best of things without me. What a first day for her. For me. For our students. I'm not sure they even realized anything was wrong, but I passed my first ever kidney stone and feel bizarrely fine now, given the intensity of pain I was having all day.

I'm not quite sure what to say to my students tomorrow. Thanks for being people I was able to trust, after only barely becoming acquainted.....maybe.

I kept putting off doing something about the pain because I thought it was just nerves. First day and all. But it reached such a sharp, explosive, unbearable intensity that I finally broke down and got help. I'd heard these things are painful. Comparable to labor pains. Well if that's the case, forget it. I'm going back on the pill tomorrow. I knew there was a reason I wanted all my kids to come to me via adoptions. And three is plenty.

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