Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Toad Rage, by Morris Gleitzman

Imagine the sad life of a cane toad in Australia. You are seen by humans as so ugly and disgusting that they don't think twice about smashing you flat on the road. You and your rellys are in constant danger. Everyone tells Limpy that this is just the way things are. Humans hate cane toads. Period. But Limpy is an ambitious and brave toad. He sets out to communicate with humans and let them know that toads are nice animals. They don't deserve to be smashed flat on highways.

What I liked about this book: learning some Australian words, like "rellys" for relatives. Also, Limpy is so earnest and quite funny.

What I think you'll like, my dear fifth and sixth grade readers: there's some fairly gross parts and Limpy is a hero you'll find yourself cheering for.

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