Friday, August 24, 2007

Three Days to Impact

All the Washingtonites got to come over and find their names on the class lists today. The lists were posted on the glass by the front doors. Our fifth and sixth graders already knew it was either me or Jen, but today most of them found out which. There is one student that I had in fourth grade and in fifth grade, who is going to have me again for sixth grade. Yeah, just call me Laura Ingalls Wilder.

I'm super excited about many of the things we have planned for our students this year. I can't wait to start writing workshop. I have a steadily growing shelf of 5 Star chapter books to talk up. The whole front of my room is full of math charts, graphs, fraction bars and calendars--all colorfully displayed and carefully organized. We've brainstormed some fun team building activities. I printed a short story for the first day by Richard Peck. All the kids that I know, I'm thrilled to have back. And the ones that I don't, I'm excited to meet.

My feet ache, I crashed from 4:30-6:30 today, and right now, Friday evening, I can barely move my exhausted body. I don't remember the first week back, before the kids even come, ever being this physically draining. I hope it's cuz it took them most of the week to fix the cooling system upstairs. That would explain a lot of my fatigue. I always wondered how I was going to do this job when I got "old" but I never thought I'd be "old" this soon. It's also gotta be cuz I'm adjusting to getting up early.

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