Friday, August 31, 2007

The Seeds Finally Settle

I imagine all my frolicking in the kidlitosphere for the last year or so as a constant gathering of many small seeds. And now that school has started, the winds of self-selected reading time have finally arrived. The seeds have been scattered. And the rains of finishing first chapters have sunk these book seeds into the soil of ripe imaginations. These days, if you stand in my classroom and listen carefully, there is a gentle, but oh so beautiful, settling sound, as my 27 students dive deeper and deeper into many different story-lands. Here are a few that thrill me most:

A student for whom many parts of the story will resonate like crazy is reading Shug.
A high boy reader who had to be restricted from just reading manga is getting into All of the Above.
The chili pepper girls are all reading Franny K. Stein.
Two boys are already on their second Ziggy and the Black Dinosaurs book.
A girl I don't know much about is reading Flashcards of My Life.
Another girl is more than half way through Flush.
One boy is well into Stormbreaker.
Somebody already FINISHED the first Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator book.
And with no booktalking or pointing or anything, one of my highest readers is zipping right through Life As We Knew It.

Here's to sustaining this much book passion for 176 more days! And here's to all the bloggers in the kidlitosphere, who I hope know how valuable their book chatter is to me and my students.

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