Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Diary of a Wimpy Kid

This is a book that I first heard about on a kid lit site. On MotherReader, I think. After reading her blurb about it, I immediately requested to have it put on hold at the library, picked it up a few days later, read it, liked it, and I just ordered it off Amazon for my class.

That's the process most of my "5 Star" classroom library books pass through. The one blip that I'm not sure how to correct is after I've got a book home, I often can't get into it, and I wish, at that point I could remember who recommended it and what they said about it. There are lots of books that go back to the public library, unread.

This one was quite funny and honest and seemed to capture middle school from a boy's perspective, quite well.

I thought we'd got rid of that little mouse, but he just now scurried along the wall seven feet across the room from me. Damn.

Back to the book. It's an illustrated novel, rather than a graphic novel, because the text *could* stand alone. But the illustrations are great and there's at least one on every page.

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