Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Booktalking Blast Off

I didn't do any booktalking yesterday. I don't even know how I continued to stand up and be with my students for as long as I did.

But today was a new and much better day. Experiencing the intense, severe, frightening kinda pain I had yesterday, and then feeling pretty normal and ok today, makes normal and ok feel euphoric. I am so fresh off of the nauseating, turbulent sea of sickness, that the solid, normal land of sore feet and tiredness feels SUPER solid and refreshing.

Anywho. I have a very nice class. I have clusters of reading and writing abilities that are on the high end and one cluster on the low end, and not so many kids in the middle. Fortunately reading and writing workshop are instructional models that take into account many starting places and also many variables in learning and in aptitude.

Something surprising: I was all worried about not having enough booktalks ready to go. But I have plenty. I gave 4 today and I thought I'd want to give about 5 a day, for the first few weeks, so that kids would have lots and lots of good book choices right from the start. But most of them already have selected a "just right" book, which they're effectively using to transport themselves to THE READING ZONE. And so I feel fine only doing one or two a day. They don't need to be bombarded with too many choices all at once. And now I'm more motivated than I was towards the end of the summer to read lots of kid lit, cuz I'm starting to really know MY readers and have my eyes peeled wide for books that these particular kids will enjoy.

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