Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A skeleton I can dance with

I came up with an outline for an essay that I think will be instructive and inspiring and fun to write--the essay I'll use as a model as I'm moving with my students through the process of crafting their first essays. It's going to be about my 4 siblings. When I finally worked out a thesis and some subordinate ideas, I wrote, "Now there's a skeleton I can dance with." A skeleton's all I need for now, I'm gonna wait to flesh it out as I'm working alongside my students in October.

And now a quick story for a mini-lesson on crafting catchy titles:

There was this handyman who was having trouble drumming up business. So he changed the name of his company to "Rent-A-Husband." Nothing about his company changed except what it was called. What do you think happened? Yup, he had more calls than he could handle.
(adapted from Writing Through Childhood, by Shelley Harwayne)

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