Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Time I Gave Duncan a Shower

The Time I Gave Ducan a Shower
By Harriet

It was a hot summer sunny day. I was giving Ducan a walk. I was saying to myself, Ducan looks so dry and dirty. I should give him a bath.

When I got home, I tied him up and I put on my swim suit. I got the garden hose and started splashing. The most important thing about Ducan is he hates baths. I started spraying him. He started to bark really loud and I yelled at him. “Ducan shut-up,” I said.

I washed him with the dog shampoo and put on some conditioner. After, I dried him with a towel. I styled his fur with hair gel. Hee hee. I thought it was only for humans. Guess not in my world. Just joking.

I gave him another walk and lots of people wanted to pet him. He smelled good and his fur sparkled in the sun. I was proud of myself. I love Ducan he’s like my brother. He always smiles just like me.

Hip-hip-hooray for Lucy Calkins' Units of Study for Teaching Writing Books. I sure love this model for teaching writing. I hope it goes as well with a class of students as it has been going with my three daughters during the summer.


s said...

I wish I could give Duncan a bath. What a great story Harriet! Good Job!

TRMite said...

Harriet, this story is awesome! I think you could make it into a picture book. or just read it to little kids and show pictures of Duncan. is the part about hair gel true? too funny. keep writing! love it! Lisa

cloudscome said...

What a sweet story! Thanks for sharing this.