Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Table Rock

Table Rock

by Easter

“Keep on going! You are so close!” Uncle Jared said. After going up the boulders, I finally got to the top of Table Rock Mountain. I did not want to look down because I thought I might fall. Far off I saw a city. I was so high it was like I was on an airplane. Behind Table Rock was a beautiful mountain called Teton. It had snow. If you are climbing it, you need hooks and ropes. It took 6 hours to get to the top of Table Rock Mountain. We went through a deep forest and across a little river. Up on top of Table Rock I felt like I was dreaming. It was so hard, I was going to quit. BUT I DID IT!


s said...

You rock Easter! That was such a long and difficult hike. You were on top of the world. Good job with your story!!

TRMite said...

Easter -- that hike sounds SO HARD but also so rewarding. your story captures both. wish I had been there! keep sharing your stories!