Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Five, Reconsidered

Perhaps my 5 most important values change depending on the context. The ones I would pick as most vital for my marriage, for example, would be different than the 5 most important values I'd like to cultivate as a teacher. Is this sort of flexibility acceptable? Well, probably not in Kohlberg's original model. But Kohlberg was harshly critiqued for many good reasons. If I value flexibility and responsiveness, my guiding lights can shift, as needed. The 5 qualities I consider essential for maintaining the health of my particular marriage are: patience, clarity, trust, compassion, and solitude.

The Book of Qualities was a rec I pulled out of the kidlitosphere a few months back. I can't remember from which blog. At first I simply enjoyed the poetic personifications of various states of being. But they've taken on a whole new meaning with my recent musings about moral reasoning and my efforts to define my own set(s) of important values. Not only is there a long list of many different values and qualities, but each one has a unique, carefully rendered character sketch to help a searcher remember and consider its particular quirks and hues.


cloudscome said...

Interesting question. I should look for this book. Off the top of my head I would chose these five: faith, resilience, compassion, grace, forgiveness. I don't know if those terms fit under "qualities" but they are essential to me.

AMY said...

Yes. That's exactly the idea. Nice choices.