Sunday, July 01, 2007

Joey Pigza Swallowed the Key, by Jack Gantos

"Can I get back to you on that?" Is Joey Pigza's favorite line. Joey is the kind of kid who absolutely can not sit still. He is constantly moving and describes himself as a ball let loose in a pinball machine. This high level of hyperness causes problems for Joey, his classmates, his mother, and his teacher. After already surviving several hard days, Joey goes with his class on a field trip. Listen to what happens at the Amish farm: (READ 58-62). Things are bad, now, but believe it or not they get worse, much worse.

Joey knows other kids are always making fun of him. But he simply can't control himself. Even if you've never felt yourself getting so hyper that you can't think straight, you'll still enjoy spending some time getting to know Joey and learning what it's like to be WIRED.


I've now finished writing 8 booktalks.

Hey, it's a good start. I know. I know. August isn't a whole vacation month, so I've only got about one and a half months left. I know. I'll still finish 20. Give me a chance.


TRMite said...

awesome booktalk. I loved this book. and those that followed. have your read Gantos' biography? I haven't but it looks really good. something about prison if I remember right. perhaps literary though.

Camille said...

I absolutely love, adore, and revere Gantos. You must, must, must try listening to him read these books. He has an amazing delivery.

I also love his Jack Henry books. They are semi-autobiographical and I hear his voice when I read them.

A Hole in My Life is about the year he spent in federal prison after trying to earn money for college in a highly illegal fashion. I give it to all my kids to read their senior year of high school as a cautionary tale. It is an amazing story.

If you ever ever have a chance to hear him talk in person, you should drive, run or sprint any distance to get there.

He is terrific.