Sunday, July 08, 2007

Extreme Animals; The Toughest Creatures on Earth, by Nicola Davies

This is an incredible non-fiction book about some of the toughest animals in the world. How much tougher are these animals than humans? Well, let me read you the introduction: "We humans are such a bunch of wimps! We can't stand the cold, we can't stand the heat, we can't live without food, or water, and just a few minutes without air is enough to finish us off. Luckily, not all life is so fragile. All over the planet there are animals (and plants) that relish the sort of conditions that would kill a human quicker than you could say coffin."

This book starts in the Arctic, describing several animals that have adapted to survive extreme cold. It then goes on to tell about animals that have adapted to survive the extreme conditions of deserts and oceans. You even get to read about a certain creature that can survive a blender--after being cut to smithereens, this amazing creature can reassemble itself!

Read this book if you like animals and want to learn about some of the most amazing and toughest creatures on earth.

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