Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Think You Could Pass Eighth Grade Science?

Well, at least I got an A. I wanted a perfect A+, but I'm not gonna cheat and go back and take the test again. For some of my booktalks, like the one for All of the Above, I'm just going back to the post I already put up and adding a booktalking blurb to the end. So, I've finished five now. I need to remember to do several books that are easier to read. Also, I'm thinking that a really great goal for the fall months will be to write one booktalk with each particular student in mind, once I get to know them each well.


David said...

one of my questions was to compute the final velocity of of a ball dropped from a helicopter that falls for 10 seconds before hitting the water and to assume gravity is 10 meters per second squared.

the options were

a) 10 m/sec

b) 100 m/sec

c) 0 m/sec

d) 1 m/sec

umm... hello...

since initial vel is zero,
vel = .5 acceleration times time squared.
that comes out to .5 times 10 times 100 which is 500 m/sec. so i figure maybe it's a trick question and the final velocity is zero cause the ball hits the water... but no... the alleged correct answer was b)


AMY said...

Ummm....you're not allowed to delete this comment, ever. You got distance and velocity mixed up. The final distance would be .5 times acceleration times time squared. The final velocity is the initial velocity plus the acceleration times the time. Answer B. :(

So...you didn't get an A+ either?

I wish there was a gameshow called "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grade Teacher?" I could so win.

David said...

ooh, right. distance... velocity... who can keep them all straight :)

don't tell jackson please