Sunday, June 03, 2007

Twilight, by Stephenie Meyer

Imagine the most beautiful guy you've ever met and now imagine that he has a dangerous and possibly deadly secret. When Bella first moves to Forks, the rainiest town on Earth, Edward seems to hate her guts. But then suddenly, one day, he starts acting as if he likes her; maybe even as much as she likes him. Bella eventually learns that Edward has a thirst for human blood, for Bella's blood, in particular. What if it were you? What would you risk for love? Would you be blinded by Edward's good looks and sweet smile? Would you trust him enough to let his teeth near your neck?

Okay. Okay. that's my first attempt at a "hook" for a book-talk. How'd I do? And do I need to write more to prepare for a book-talk? My KidLit prof. gave us the following outline of elements to include: 1. a hook, 2. what I liked most when I read it, and 3. why I think you all might like it. I'm thinking I can improvise 2 and 3.

I know, even better, I'll make some bulleted lists.

The things about this book I liked most:
  • suspenseful
  • romantic
  • tension: between what Bella feels and what she knows
Now some reasons I think my fifth and sixth graders will enjoy it:
  • you'll imagine yourself in Bella's position and want to know if she and Edward survive
  • there's romance AND action, especially at the end
  • scary
There you have it. One down, 19 book-talks to go, before August 27th, 2007! There's nothing like getting right to work on summer goals.

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