Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Franny K. Stein, by Jim Benton

I am supremely delighted to introduce you to a girl who loves bats, dungeons, and all things gooey and gross. This girl enjoys mutating her dolls and conducting slimy experiments. Meet the Mad Scientist Franny K. Stein. This book begins when Franny moves to a new house on Daffodil Street. How do you think the other students in Franny's class react to their strange new classmate? Yup, she has a very hard time making friends. (Read selection starting on page 17--conversation with teacher, show pictures, of course.) So, Franny starts out by observing her classmates carefully and then experimenting with ways to fit in. I'm not going to tell you what happens, cuz I'm sure you'll have more fun reading if it's a surprise. But I will tell you that the kids at Franny's school accidentally concoct A Giant Monstrous Pumpkin-Headed Fiend.

What I like about this series: Franny. She's crafty, imaginative, and very much an anti-girlie-girl. My kinda kid.

What I think you'll like: These books are very funny. They have tons of great pictures. And they're also full of evil creatures, like Giant Monstrous Fiends, which means that all of these books are also full of great fighting and action scenes.

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Melissa said...

I just wanted to say that we recently found your books and my (almost 6 year old) son LOVES them!! We just got book #5 yesterday. He's always been into experiments and monsters so this totally does it for him. We read 2-3 chapters every night. I actually look forward to reading them to him because they are quite entertaining, usually giving me a chuckle or two. Just so you know, you are making one little boy VERY happy!