Sunday, June 10, 2007

Double Identity, by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Bethany's parents are over-protective. They've never left twelve-year-old Bethany with a sitter and they constantly go overboard making sure that their only child is completely safe. So, Bethany is shocked when one day her parents drive her across several states and leave her alone with a relative she has never met. Myrlie is kind and tries to make Bethany feel welcome, but her parents' odd behavior isn't the only mystery Bethany must solve. (EXCERPT, pages 38--39) Ending with If I were a director that's just how I'd tell an actress to look. If she saw a ghost.

Why I liked this book: I adore mystery books. I like trying to piece all the clues together and solve the mystery. In this story the main question isn't "whodunnit?" The questions that Bethany, and the reader, in turn, are driven to uncover are: Who is Bethany, really? And who are these people she's always called mom and dad?

Why I think you'll like this book:
It's the kind of book you don't want to stop reading. You keep thinking maybe you've figured everything out and so you'll want to read more to see if you were right. Throughout the book there are constantly new clues that will keep you puzzling and also keep you reading. Also, the story is told in a way that is quite realistic. Bethany gets very angry at her parents and she feels they've betrayed her horribly. But at the same time, she is scared that they may be in serious danger. Finally, I think most of you will like this book because the chapters are pretty short and most of the words are familiar. I wouldn't call this book too easy for anyone, but I will say that for many of you, it'll be a very quick read. If you've always wanted to finish a 200 page book, in just a few days, and you also love mysteries, give this book a shot.

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