Monday, October 30, 2006

Speak To Me (and I will listen between the lines), by Karen English

Six third-graders tell the story of a single school day in a series of first-person poems that capture not only the unique and delicious flavor of urban classrooms, but also the developmental stage when children’s voices are beginning to become more mature, more observant, and more different from one another. Although these are very particular, individual children, their personalities, desires, fears, and troubles will be familiar to many middle grade students and teachers. The illustrations heighten the poems’ power and provide excellent visual accompaniment to the brilliant verse. This is the one book that I didn’t already own that I allowed myself to purchase after completing a picture book assignment for a children's lit class. I had one "rough-edged" fifth grade boy horde it for a week after I shared it with my students. Posted by Picasa

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